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A fun new way for Kids to experience Mantis Kung Fu!

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Little Mantis
Ages 4-7

Kids Classes
Ages 8-14

Adult Classes
Ages 15+

Tai Chi Chuan

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Open Mat Training

NEW to Mantis Kung Fu!
2020 Kung Fu Camps

Mad Man Kung Fu
Boot Camp

Set your child up to be successful in life!

At Mantis Kung Fu, kids can learn a new skill in a fun and supportive atmosphere that helps encourage mental focus and inner discipline.

If you and your child are looking to find a fun way to exercise, learn self-discipline or gain self-confidence, our Kids Kung Fu classes are for you!

Improve your health and get fit!

Mantis Kung Fu students are left feeling empowered and confident in all aspects of their lives. Our students leave class knowing they have the ability to defend themselves and their families should the need ever arise.

Whether you want to find a fun, new way to exercise, learn how to defend yourself and your family, build confidence or find a sense of community, our classes are for you!

Eight Step Preying Mantis Kung Fu is a traditional martial arts system

Many martial arts schools specialize in a single facet of the martial style. Not us. Eight Step Preying Mantis Kung Fu is a complete Martial Arts System, meaning:

  • Each aspect, from martial to medical, forms, self defense, and history are all part of the system.
  • It is a systematic process where students start at the beginning, and martial artists are created. Everything has a purpose.
  • The why behind everything is taught so that techniques aren’t just things to memorize; students understand why and how they exist so that they can be truly effective.
  • Mantis Kung Fu is connected to a history and lineage stretching back hundreds of years and still revered, today.

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Get in touch today to access our schedule and see how you or your child can start training!

Phone: (575) 415-4715

Email: kungfuabq@gmail.com

Address: 10820 Comanche Rd. NE, Suite B. Albuquerque, NM, 87111

We share a parking lot with Garcia’s Restaurant at corner of Juan Tabo

We really want to elevate not just our school… but all martial artists because we’re all just trying to get to the same place.”

Shifu Nic Baker, CEO

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