Adults Kung Fu (core class)

Improve your health and get fit!

In our Adult Kung Fu Core Classes, we teach traditional Shyun Style Eight Step Preying Mantis Kung Fu. Because of our complete martial arts system, Mantis Kung Fu students are left feeling empowered and confident in all aspects of their lives. Our students leave class knowing they have the ability to defend themselves and their families should the need ever arise.

Practicing Mantis Kung Fu improves flexibility, mental focus, memory and provides a chance for our students to meet great people with common goals: learning Kung Fu as an ancient art form, and a means to meet your potential in all areas of life. 

Whether you want to find a fun, new way to exercise, learn how to defend yourself and your family, build confidence or just find a sense of community, our classes are for you!

Core classes follow a progressive curriculum over time, allowing students to gain skills and knowledge in layers and to test their skills for rank levels where they earn a colored sash to display their advancement.

Interested? Our CEO, Shifu Nic, explains what the class is all about!

Learn Kung Fu with us!

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