Fluidity and Flow (elective class)

Fluidity and Flow is a six-week “anti-bootcamp” where we help you rewire how your body and mind interact with conflict. In this class, you’re going to kinesthetically learn how to mold a situation rather than let it mold you. 

  • Shifu Amarante will teach you how to rely on changing your perspective in a situation to handle it better and take control, then show you how this method can help you protect yourself without any unnecessary violence. 
  • You’ll learn the fundamental concept of reprogramming your fight or flight system so you can change your relationship with conflict while learning a fundamental skill that can help you with everyday situations like sales, interpersonal relationships and more. 

We do this in the way that your body wants to learn it- a non-confrontational, stress-free environment. Build the confidence of martial arts, and experience a difference in your physical reaction to oncoming stressors.

This method can superpower someone who already does sports or martial arts and can be a powerful asset to even those who are new to the concept.

Elective classes are usually shorter classes (taking less than 18 hours per 6-week semester) and are not required for students seeking promotion in their sash rank. Rather, they offer an application of Kung Fu which adds to the student experience and is a fun opportunity to share the classroom with those not usually training at Mantis Kung Fu.

Need more information? Shifu Nic explains how this class can benefit you!

Let’s learn a new approach to conflict together!

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