Joint Locks (elective class)

Learn the pain compliance techniques used by law enforcement and military!

In this elective class offering from Mantis Kung Fu, you will learn Joint Locks (also known as Chin Na, or pain compliance techniques). These techniques are rarely taught to the public in this way. This is your chance to gain insider knowledge to advanced applied Kung Fu techniques used for control of an aggressor by bouncers, military, and law enforcement. 

Be empowered by the underlying fundamental principles that allow you to understand hundreds of joint locking techniques and train like an old-school martial artist at our traditional school. You’ll never want to skip hand-strength-day again! Whether you are new to martial arts and want to learn the fun stuff first, or if you are already an advanced martial artist seeking to deepen your craft, this elective class is for you. Enroll now to learn advanced techniques taught in a way that even a beginner can understand!

Elective classes are usually shorter classes (taking less than 18 hours per 6-week semester) and are not required for students seeking promotion in their sash rank. Rather, they offer an application of Kung Fu which adds to the student experience and is a fun opportunity to share the classroom with those not usually training at Mantis Kung Fu.

Need more information? Shifu Nic highlights what makes this class awesome!

Learn Joint Locks at Mantis Kung Fu!

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