Mantis Kung Fu Classes

We offer a range of classes to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what classes are best for you, or what they cost? We can answer any questions and tell you more about our school. Get in touch below!

Kids Kung Fu

The natural starting point for kids ages eight and older. Give them the gift of kung fu and set them up for success!

Adults Kung Fu

The natural starting point for Adults (ages fifteen and older). Learn to defend yourself or your family and focus on your health!

Tai Chi Chuan

As the ultimate form of self-care, Tai Chi Chuan is a low-impact form of exercise that can help heal your body.

Fluidity & Flow

A woman’s only class that’s designed to reprogram your body’s fight or flight response to help you take control of conflict!

Joint Locks

Learn the pain compliance used by law enforcement, bouncers and military – taught in a way that even beginners can understand!

Mandarin Chinese

Learn the basics of one of the oldest spoken and written languages on earth!

Learn traditional martial arts in a modern way.

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